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General Information


The Los Nietos School District (the oldest district in California) has acted as a school district under the laws of the State of California since August 12, 1861. In 1885, part of the district was made into the Pio Pico School District. In 1924, a school was built on the present site of the Los Nietos Middle School at 11425 East Rivera Road in Los Nietos, California. The building was condemned after the 1933 earthquake. When it was rebuilt, the floor plan was identical to the building that had been torn down but the structural design was changed from brick to stucco.

Presently, the Los Nietos Elementary School District consists of four schools, three K-6 schools; Ada S. Nelson School and  Aeolian School, both located in Whittier, Rancho Santa Gertrudes School in Santa Fe Springs, and one 7-8 middle school; Los Nietos Middle School.

District Facts

The Los Nietos School District has a total area of 3.5 square miles with three elementary schools and one middle school. The total enrollment of 2,100 students is composed of about 85% Hispanic and 14% Anglo. The remainder of the school population is made up of other ethnic groups. The current school budget is nearly $16,489,268 including State and Federal Categorical Programs.

We are located in the center of Southern California just east of the city of Los Angeles. Major freeways intersect the area, making the San Fernando Valley, the beaches, and Orange County readily acessible. The San Gabriel Mountains, the Mojave Desert, and the Pacific Ocean are within easy reach and offer abundant recreational activities. Many higher educational institutions are located nearby.