Los Nietos Special Education Assistants Complete New Training


Over 30 Los Nietos Special Education Instructional Assistants completed professional development on August 7-8 that allowed them to receive a School-Based Behavior Interventionist Certificate. Through the 2016-2017 school year, Los Nietos Special Education Assistants received 30 hours of professional development that allowed them to more effectively work with students to: manage and change undesirable behavior; minimize or eliminate tantrums or violent behaviors; implement behavior intervention plans and collect behavioral data; receive training in the areas of measurement, assessment, data collection, skill acquisition, behavior management, behavior reduction; and professional conduct and scope of practice.

More than 60% of the special education instructional assistants attended and completed the 30 hours necessary to receive the School-Based Behavior Interventionist Certificate. Later in the year all of the instructional assistants who completed the course will be invited to a Los Nietos School Board Meeting to be awarded their certificate and thanked by the Los Nietos School Board for attending the training  to help them better support the needs of their students.