Los Nietos School Board Honors Student Excellence on April 26, 2017

At the April 26, 2017 Los Nietos School Board meeting, Los Nietos Middle School students and their parents packed the boardroom in order to be recognized for their outstanding achievements this year. Los Nietos Middle School Principal Shanonn Brann Zelaya introduced and recognized students from her school who had extraordinary experiences this year. Students in attendance were from the Students Run Los Angeles Marathon (SRLA) club, Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) club, and the 8th grade students who travelled to New York and Washington D.C. over spring break.


Student speakers were selected to share with the Board their experiences and how the opportunities they had this year will be forever instrumental in their lives. SRLA speakers discussed how running the 26.4 miles in this year’s L.A. Marathon showed them that they could accomplish anything in life. Students form the MESA club discussed how they were able to compete and win in the robotic arm competition, the mousetrap car competition, and the glider competition. Student speakers who attend the D.C./New York Trip spoke about how exciting it was to go to Broadway and have front row seats to the musical Wicked.


Board members asked students questions about their training, preparation, and experiences before awarding students certificates and asking them to come and take a picture with them.


The Los Nietos School Board of Trustees and Superintendent Vasquez would like to thank the principal, staff, and parents for their support and encouragement to help the students achieve their goals and for representing the Los Nietos School District with such distinction.