Board of Trustees


Nicholas Aquino, 2017 President
Mr. Aquino was re-elected to office in 2015.  His term of office ends in 2019. 

President’s Message

I want to thank my colleagues on the Board for electing me as Board President during this critical juncture in our development. The Board has approved close to a million dollars in new classroom instruction encompassing the new Common Core Standards. We have provided additional instructional development for our teachers and set in place a focused intervention program for our students.

Our schools have seen substantial technological advances including 65 inch monitors in each of our classrooms. Our 8th grade students each have their own Chrome Book or Mac Book to fully access this new technology.

This year we will open the first of its kind Community Library on the campus of our Los Nietos Middle School. This Joint Use Project utilizing school district land and County of Los Angeles resources will allow us to build a brand new, fully modernized County Library that will benefit both the Los Nietos community and our students.

I look forward to working with our very talented Administrative team to further enhance several other partnerships including the Healthy Los Nietos program and our ongoing partnership with Pioneer High School.

We are poised to see great improvement in our students’ test scores while providing greater access to technology for the entire community. This is how government is supposed to work…together to better serve its communities.

Your Humble Servant,

Nicholas Aquino, President

Los Nietos School Board

Silvia B. Monge, Vice President

Mrs. Monge was re-elected to office in 2013.  Her term of office ends in 2017.

Catherine Martinez, Member
Mrs. Martinez was appointed to the office in 2016. Her term of office ends in 2017.
Emilio Sosa, Member

Mr. Sosa was elected to office in  2015.  His term of office ends in  2019.  

Evelyn Avdalyan, Member
Mrs. Avdalyan was appointed to the office in 2016. Her term of office ends in 2017.